What is individual freedom and can governments legislate for this? Is the prohibition of cigarettes infringing on the freedoms of not only individual rights, but the rights of legal tobacco traders who make way for illegal smugglers? Outside of the estimated R200 million cost to the tax coffers, what are the societal effects of cutting smokers off from cigarettes with no warning or alternative? Can there be freedom if the government doesn’t engage its citizens and business stakeholders before implementing policy?






  • Duane Kirkwood

    Cliff bro – love the show – but you’re not asking the right questions.
    Why would the NCC classify meeting minutes around the banning of cigarettes?
    As you mentioned, smokers are still smoking but they are paying higher prices to gangsters. And, our country has a poor history of politicians being the pockets of corrupt businessmen & gangsters.
    So the question is not why tobacco has been banned – but who is making the money out of selling contraband tobacco and who in government is getting paid off ?
    Voting records on the NCC could open a can of worms here – and the government knows this …

  • Mandy

    It should be our choice as to whether we stay home or not, whether we smoke or not, whether we drink or not. The economy, however, does not have to luxury of “staying at home”. Lockdown was for prep ONLY, NEVER for the duration. Sick of this draconian nonsense

  • Licinda Schubert

    You guys have hot every nail in their head! I am mad as hell. And she has been given the right to do so! What type of president do we have, that can’t override this? I am so annoyed!
    I will not vote ANC because of it.

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