Have you noticed how we’re inundated with ads about unbeatable savings and red hot offers – basically trying to get us to spend money out of impulse or convenience? But this is actually simply spending (which is the unseen) disguised as saving (the seen). July is National Savings Month and Coronation is encouraging South Africans to think about how they are spending their money, possibly on things that we really don’t need or without even realising we are doing it. Gareth Cliff and team share stories about what they’ve all spent money on – realising afterwards it was ridiculous and ended up costing more. It’s time to take stock around what needs to stay and what needs to go, where those unnecessary expenses creep in.

To uncover saving in the true sense, visit www.coronation.com to see the bigger picture.


You’re not saving…you’re spending


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The Unseen Places Where You Can Save