Insurance is never a nice thing to pay for, a grudge purchase if you will, but what if your insurance company was willing to freeze part of your premium if you say… experience a lockdown because of a pandemic? Naked Insurance do this, not as a Covid-19 gimmick, it’s how they roll 24/7. Ernest North talks about his vision when he started the company, how technology helps him keep his prices as low as they are, and he also tells us about Rose who is no BS, just great prices… best of all, she’s not real. Business can do well, while doing good for the customer! Naked Financial Technology is an authorised FSP. Policies are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, a registered insurer and authorised FSP.

Lower your car insurance premium for the days you’re not driving. Stay covered for theft, Mother Nature and any damage while your car’s parked. Not a client yet? Quote in 90 seconds here.



Ernest North: Naked Insurance

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