In this episode Roman and Jonathan spend a mesmerising hour with Frans Cronje, the CEO of prominent think tank, the Institute of Race Relations. The discussion centres around the battle of ideas between the left and the right, and how public policy is a reflection of public opinion. Frans touches on the failings of BEE, the non-existent race war, the poorly thought out policies of transformation, and the realities around land reform. He sets out four possible scenarios for the future of South Africa all of which makes for fascinating listening.




The Renegade Report – The Battle between Left & Right


  • Pumbaa

    Cool show guys.

    Just a question: (I’m not that smart so maybe I’m confusing what your guest said) But it seems like the views expressed about land reform are somewhat contradictory.

    Your guest advised that “Land reform offers zero chance for a better life for ordinary South Africans,” and something about land reform being a “Lose, Lose, Lose outcome for everyone”

    Then later when talking about the EFF’s position on land reform he said that “Property rights underpin human freedoms” and he went on at some length about the importance of property rights in reinforcing other rights, freedoms and dignity.

    Given that a sizable portion of our population does not actually own the land (property) they live on, wouldn’t the “reinforcement of rights, freedoms and dignity” also serve as an argument FOR land reform?

    I duno? maybe someone can just clear up what I’m misunderstanding here.

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