Following a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Roman Cabanac and Jonathan Witt reflect on the experience, the irrational hatred from social justice warriors, as well as their brief conflict with the Rhodes Must Fall hate group. Sihle Ngobese joins the show to discuss the inception of the tip raising campaign and the collectivist criticism levelled by the left. The Obz Café waitress, Ashleigh, is also interviewed as the hosts attempt to refocus the attention onto the real victim here.


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The Renegade Report – Crowdfunding

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  • rodney7

    I remember, about 10 years or so ago, where a young guy in America put out online asking for everybody to donate $1 just to make him a millionaire. I think the story ended where he made it, or at least very nearly. It was such a brilliant example of self promotion which caught everyone’s attention. I should think the only complaints there would have been jealousy.

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