eNCA investigative journalist Michael Appel is the guest on this episode. Michael describes his work travels to South America and how many of these countries share political similarities with South Africa. Roman explores the danger of journalists becoming celebrities, and Jonathan discusses the issue of news as an agenda-driven narrative.


eNCA investigative journalist


The Renegade Report – Michael Appel

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  • Mhlangabezi Maxengana

    Having listened to Michael Appel on this clip I couldn’t restrain myself from referring an item from KwaMathole Municipality (King Williams Town and Peddie area) water scarcity that has been ongoing ever since 2014. I know that he is avoiding being a service delivery activist of every failure but I am looking at convenience of the timing, money spent on trucking of water, handling of drought relief funds/grants, the political interest of accessing those government funds meant to assist farmers and communities. Therefore failure or insistive refusal to dig in its also by default assist in sweeping all the rot under the carpet. We as news consumers we play judge on who does justice in investigating corruption and do a great job without being personal. Michael is one of the very few nationally of those journalists who go to the core and lifts to the public what is really at play because this corruption is ongoing and if these are not elevated they will never change as the custodians of our government like Ministers are the main thieves that need to cleansed out of the system so that one day we will be left with people of integrity.

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