The Coronavirus pandemic has swept the planet, leading to global lockdowns and extraordinary changes to all of our lives. What is the ‘new normal’ that everyone is talking about? Virtually everything that defines us has been turned inside-out. Diversity of thought is one of the most valuable things we can expose ourselves to in finding the answers.

Gareth Cliff hosts smart and creative guests – both left and right-of centre thinkers, opinion makers, thought leaders and alternate voices to open our minds and prepare for change – the only thing of which you can really be certain. You may not always agree but… great minds don’t always think alike.

So What Now? airs on eNCA Channel 403 every Wednesday at 8:30pm and is available online the following day.





“So What Now?” – Marketing & Communications Webinar

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the planet and left many wondering “what’s next?”. What are the marketing trends likely to be? How will this change the way in which brands communicate? And how will this pandemic impact on our collective psychology? Gareth Cliff chats to advertising icon Reg Lascaris and ‘Brain & Brand’ guru Timothy Maurice. If you would like us to host a webinar for your company or industry – either to a public audience or for internal communications – please email us: [email protected].



“So What Now?” - Marketing & Communications


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  • Julian Esbach

    Hi Gareth just want to share my view concerning covid 19. Government used and still using Billions would it not have been better to give every family in SA R1mil and say stay at home for 6months. They would still have enough left from the BILLIONS

  • Hillary Hill

    Hello Cliff…jusr my point of view…why has “overpopulation” not once been addressed not only now. but going back centuries. If education had been equal to all races .. Culturally … White people had 10 or more children…parents doing so either due to religious orientation or the children would provide and look after their parents in their latter years. Black people producing many many children is a symbol of power. Overpopulation should seriously be addressed

  • nicolaas

    Hi cliif,
    I am a smoker and a drinker for 48 years. I allways enjoy that but now we got some clowns in charge of the country. Nobody knows who are in charge,cyril or mkhize or zuma,because one controll the liquor and the other tobacco. That there are trauma in hospitals cause of drinking to rectify this,is bullshit. I went to 4 hospitals in gauteng to investigate but there were none. Bara,helen joseph,charlotte maxeke and carltoneville. So what now must we suffer. What about the thousend of people who cant woek to generate income to put food on the table. I am so pissed about that. What can we do.

  • Jan Retief

    Gareth, jy is ‘n etterkop!! Ek love jou calcutrancy. My van is Retief. Laaaank gelede in Frankryk gespel as Le Restif, meanind calcutrant, headstrong. Ek dink jy is eintlik ‘n Retief😜
    Ek stem nie met sommige van jou menings saam nie, maar met BAIE doen ek wel.
    Keep up your GOOD work to MAKE people THINK. I think that people are so lamsak, slapgat not to have a well substantiated opinion. Go with the flow se moer. Regards Jan Retief

  • Andrew

    Hi, watching your episode on 29 July on DStv 403 – your background of the library is backwards, all the titles are backwards! Entertaining show!