22 July: Giulietta Talevi, Phumlani Majozi, John Vlismas & David Icke

When lockdown started we saw a lot of social media posts “We are led”. But are we? How do we balance saving lives with saving livelihoods? Leadership, the economy, conspiracy theories – hear different opinions and you get to make up you own mind. Gareth chats to Giulietta Talevi, Phumlani Majozi, John Vlismas & David Icke.


  • Nadine May - Beck

    So What Now? Cliff, you created such a fantastic platform for us in South Africa. Very professional presentation. Love the interactions with your three guests on skype into your show. All four tackle many topics all valid to be spoken about what our mainstream media do not address.

  • JaundicedView

    Reaaly shocked at the BCCSA circus censuring you, it certainly makes them look like idiots. Can any reasonable thinking person really draw the wrong conclusions from this episode. I certainly didn’t.

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