To celebrate Women’s Month, the superwomen of CliffCentral will be wearing doeks every Friday because that’s what defines a woman right? WRONG, silly! Instead we decided to ask them some questions about womanhood.

The next time you hear someone say women aren’t smart, funny or cutting edge, may we suggest that – after laughing and patting them gently on the head – you direct them here…

Would the ladies of Chicks Dig It trade being a woman for R10-million?

Sade: Hell no! I could however trade periods for R10-million.

Carly: Can I take the R10-million and then get another sex change back to being a woman? Either that or I’ll pass.

Zizo: There is no amount of money that could trade being a woman. This is who I was born to be.

Why don’t we have Men’s Month or Day? Heck, even Men’s 2 Minutes would do.

CliffCentral producer, Katlego ‘Kat’ Molai weighs in:

“Err… for what? There’s nothing to celebrate about them. Do they give birth? No!”

Ah! Feminism… is it to blame for the death of chivalry? 

Producer Denise reckons it’s a “pathetic excuse because feminism has nothing to do with men. It’s an independent notion”.

Content Manager, Dori van Loggerenberg says, “I don’t think chivalry is dead, or that it should be… but it shouldn’t be a gender-based thing. I like having a door held open for me (by anyone, not just a man) and I in turn am happy to do it for anyone too. Chivalry is really just politeness or good manners, which might be dying out – but not because of feminism! Feminism is way more complex than that.”

Got you fired up for Women’s Month yet? Come back next week when we try to pick the brains of more superwomen at CliffCentral. 



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