A spectacular new discovery has been made on Mars, a planet that has captured the human imagination for thousands of years. The latest discovery, thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk, is that there’s life on Mars – and the Martians just love chocolate!

A sweet invasion is sweeping our planet… and guess where you heard about it first? At the ‘unradio’ station that caters for higher life forms like yourselves! From fanatics, to secret government agencies, and Martian landings, Cadbury partnered with CliffCentral to add that extra-terrestrial spark to their latest Martians campaign.

The Martians landed on earth for the first time at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton at 6pm on Saturday 3 June. We loved it, the Martians loved it. It was an interstellar party.

To start collecting your Martian figurines, you will need to buy any four participating Cadbury Dairy Milk (80g & 150g) or Cadbury Dream 80g slabs from any retail store around the country.

Find the unique codes inside the promotional wrappers and enter four of these codes on to receive a redemption code you can then use to claim your free Martian from any Engen Quickshop nationwide. Terms and conditions apply.

In addition to collecting your own Martian figurines, you will also have the opportunity to meet the Martians in June and July at mall activations around the country! To find out where these lovable Martians will be, visit @CadburyDairyMilkSA on Facebook and @Cadbury_SA on Twitter.

26 May: Strange sounds have been picked up from outer space… what could they be?


29 May: An anonymous caller starts ranting about how the Martians are coming…


30 May: A supposed expert calls in to discuss the rumours about Martians coming to Sandton… the plot thickens.


31 May: The Minister of Interstellar Affairs comes into the studio to brief the team and all is revealed!


2 June: The Minister of Interstellar Affairs calls in with some more info about the Martians… where, when and how it will all happen. Don’t miss out on the #SweetInvasion!



5 June: The Martians landed over the weekend, and the invasion was a sweet one. Simone from Cadbury’s chats to Gareth all about it, and how you can get to know the Martians, and the sweet surprises they have in store around the country.


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