Play with your balls! Lianne Lattimer and Gomolemo Modise join Dr Mark to talk about testicular cancer. Dr Mark also opens up about being diagnosed with testicular cancer at 30. Brought to you by Eurolab.

About Eurolab:

Eurolab began in 2011 with a commitment to bring down the costs of cancer treatment for cancer patients in South Africa and make cancer care more affordable. In achieving this, the company has focused on introducing innovation into South Africa’s cancer care environment to offer more cancer patients more options for treatment and recovery. This journey is far from over, and we are continually exploring strategies to introduce new products and programmes into the South African market.

Eurolab is the largest generic oncology company in South Africa and one of the most innovative in cancer treatment, cancer management and cancer care. Headquartered in Johannesburg, we provide treatment therapies and technologies for oncologists and haematologists to offer their patients the best, latest and most affordable options for their cancer treatment. Products from our trusted suppliers are marketed across the world to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany.


Testicular Cancer




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Testicular Cancer