The rate at which the world switched from analogue to digital is amazing, the new normal is online now. How does a man whose job it is to report on the news and the fabric of society stay sane in lockdown? What role does Justice Malala's wife play in his morning routine, even though she’s in America while he sits in Kalk Bay, Cape Town? As the individual cost of not connecting physically with others comes to the fore, we need people to also report on the possible socio-economic factors at play daily in this pandemic economy. Can the country afford to deal with an outbreak of Covid-19? There’s a fine line between social obedience and tyranny, is South Africa’s military putting large scale public safety on a knife edge? We've seen military and state vehicles in townships before, but last time we had Nelson Mandela to placate the restless masses... can Cyril Ramaphosa do the same?

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