Mr Big Chest, A.K.A Abuti Buns, has always had the dream of having a restaurant and just as Buns Out was named as one of the best burger joints on earth, Covid-19 struck. For a man who is constantly on the go, how is he adapting to this period of forced rest? Helter skelter being the norm, how will he use this time to reflect on his future plans? His mom wanted to come and be in lockdown with him, but he had a hilarious response to that. Something which has been quite cool is how the digital community has been a place of solace for Maps. Our reintegration into public life might be a slower process than we hope, and his business may have to make some tough decisions if the lockdown is extended, but he will control what he can. Find out why he compares the Queen of England to his burger joint... what a time to be alive!

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