”These people have regressed!” This is how Tumi Morake speaks about her own children and their struggle to adapt to the Covid-19 lockdown. This might explain why her children say she is driving them crazy. An interesting decision was made about leaving their new home in America to go and join family elsewhere in the States, and the situation has turned into a real life sitcom. With her usual wit and candour we hear about her struggles with mental health and how that battle is going in these self-isolation times. If you plan for a rainy day in Rands but now the rain comes in Dollars, what then? A fascinating revelation about what they could sacrifice as a family following coronavirus only goes to show how conscious the comedian is. Which softer sides of humanity will we see following this pandemic? And the Covid-19 lockdown rule number one... ”Embrace your rotundness and let the kids be free willy!"

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