You would think that the funeral industry made huge profits because of the pandemic, but it was a financial strain with the challenge of new governance like PPE, time frames of 48 hours to handle the deceased’s body, and burying people on the premise of a promise to be paid. Traditional culture, rituals and beliefs could also no longer be observed, which complicated every emotional transaction with the bereaved. During this challenging time, technology, resilience and innovation resulted in an application. Jaco Voigt chats to Nkateko Mabindisa from Vuyo’s Funerals (a third generation business steeped in history) about the most certain of all uncertainties - funerals. Their app allows their clients to pay the monthly premiums, get discounts, savings and benefits for the entire family. If you are a small business owner, give Vuyo’s Funerals a call on 0119838421 about their staff package offerings, to ensure that no employee's death is a burden to those left behind. Brought to you by Catalytic.

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