Did the townships of South Africa get the lockdown right vs the suburban approach? Will South Africa’s private healthcare system be crippled because of lockdown? How the country reopens will come at a political cost and the vultures are circling already it seems. The tensions between systemic power and racial subjugation are at an all time high in America after George Floyd’s murder – where to now for the home of the brave? Brought to you by Nando’s.


Absolute power corrupts... absolutely!


Absolute power corrupts… absolutely!


  • Eugene Selepe


    James mainly sounds like he is making excuses for Black people that commit crimes.
    Did white people bring drugs into black neighbourhoods? Does 1 million prisoners mean 1 million father? Im black. I refuse to believe that growing up in “the projects” for example means black people aren’t smart enough to grow themselves. We need to be obsessed with building ourselves from the ground up not always needy for “resources” and “the land” especially from people who take from us to begin with.

    But we so hell bent in needing things to line up. Its embarrassing. And it’s wasted our time and lives. We must take a look at ourselves as well and stop complaining.

    Lol the worst thing he said though is “Google” it.

  • Karen Hayes

    First time listening to your podcasts and think I found my new station 🙂 BUT, Can you please stop jumping on the bandwagon and insulting all Karens ?? How would you like it if I called all jerks Gareths? At one point all jerks were called Steve -someone started because they didnt like Steve Hofmeyer. Imagine if someone who doesnt like you starts a trend calling all Hypocrites or all Thieves Gareths? I dont take exception personally but I really lose respect for a person who does that.. no deep thinker or lover of truth would resort to that :/

  • Nsanda Pesu

    Can anyone get me the transcripts of this conversation. I would like to very much debunk all the false claims Mr Kanthan was making.

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