The #FeesMustFall movement has revealed some real social shortcomings right now, something that Justice Malala touches on in this week’s Burning Platform. The ‘two ANCs’ topic comes up again with Mabs and Ben wrapping up the other news and sports headlines from there.




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  • Andrea

    Hi guys… regarding the fees must fall…

    Why not look at it from a student performance perspective. Use their own commitment as the motivating factor. So in other words, adhere to the FMF call, however based only on performance. As follows.

    Any student with an A aggregate gets in for free. Broad based.

    Any student with B’s or C’s gets in with a small percentage of payable fees. Say 50%

    D’s and lower the full 100% costs.

    In the event that a student, in the A group slides down in aggregate, fees start getting implemented. And the reverse for those in the B/C and lower groups… should they escalate their margins. In other words, input qualifies for reward.

    In regard to the disadvantaged student (those who come from a rural setting, with very little to no access of computers or any additional infrastructure found to be in a middle class society) the university must prove that they have gone out of their way to assist and bring said student up to speed, before they can implement any fees, should the student slip in grades. In the event said student is found to be lacking for fooling around… fees are implemented on a sliding scale according to their input.

    Thus it motivates the students to maintain high grades… and of course the varsity churns out viable, responsible individuals that will be wholly employable. Companies will only be too pleased to accept an educated, motivated and legitimately qualified student, of which the economy as a whole will benefit from. Never mind the potential of introducing a new flock of entrepreneurs that may start their own companies, and employ more people… thus further assisting the dire employment situation.

    I am pretty convinced if you were to approach majority business in sponsoring the above scenario… they would come to the party, as they will see benefit in their investment.

    South Africa as a whole will improve dramatically and much of the disparity would be addressed accordingly. Thereby the students get what they want or earn… and SA gets a new generation of go-getters. Society as a whole will improve accordingly… as then everybody has an equal chance to get somewhere in life and through their own drive and determination can make a go of it, irrespective of where they come from.

    This however needs to be a cashless transaction between varsity and sponsorship companies, to prevent the issue of black tax… which not only hurts the student, but the tax payer base, supporting not only the student, but the family etc.

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