Joining the team this week is Mighti Jamie, who is a multi-award-winning international Debating and Public Speaking champion. They have a candid conversation about Africa Day, using it as a time to reflect and plan the next 90 years. They then delve into the mass shootings in America, and how gun control could relate to South Africa.



Gun Violence in America

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  • Scotty

    Hello Team, I enjoyed your exchange on Gun Violence in the US. As follow-on, would encourage you to listen to Richard Epstein (Hoover Institute) on “Can Gun Control prevent Mass Shootings” . As Gareth emphasised, there are really only a tiny minority of individuals who are so severely mentally sick that would actually go and do such a terrible thing. In a population of some 300 million, that “tiny minority” actually amounts to a few thousand people who are sick enough to go on such a suicide rampage. And then how do you actually try and spot these individuals, which is an interesting and rather hopeless if not depressing discussion.

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