Last week SA Express was forced to shut down its operations after having numerous planes grounded and staff walkouts. The Sunday Times then reported that a virtually unknown music promoter was handed a three-year tender to provide fuel to the airline for a cool R2.4 billion. How does this all tie in to where the airline finds itself? And what does it mean for its future? You can count on Justice Malala to bring you all the information you need to know around this. He also explains why the DA is important – despite the bad press it gets… the DA’s support being down to 20% because of De Lille, policy and leadership issues, according to research. Find out where Justice thinks the nation stands after 100 days of President Ramaphosa, and why the Guptas get their R250-million worth of loot back from the NPA and Asset Forfeiture Unit. Brought to you by Nando’s.




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