How does the formative ANC structure differ from the one we see today ideologically? Does Covid-19 render the political landscape fertile for totalitarianism in South Africa? Is the economic and philosophical illiteracy of news reporters dangerous for society at large? If we lose a generation of black graduates in the formal economy because of lockdown regulation, what does that mean for the future of South Africa’s social landscape? WHO should pay the biggest price globally for this pandemic? Brought to you by Nando’s.


WHO should pay?


WHO should pay?

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  • Guy Macqueen

    I really enjoy the burning platform but your sound quality this week was superbly poor – I suggest getting less people but get them into the studio and focus on the person’s views. Kanthan is bright and well informed and would be very happy to hear the 2 of you chat and then invite other guests but have the bilk of content coming from the studio

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