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Broadcasting live weekdays 6am – 9am as well as on podcast. Gareth Cliff and team bring you uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of inspiration and intelligence.

Without limits – we give you entertainment, provocative content and unhinged reality.


Meet The Team:


Gareth Cliff

President: CliffCentral.com

Gareth Cliff is a tall man. He cares about history, music, architecture, aerial photography, politics, current affairs, television, Italian bruschetta and his spaniel, Carl. Gareth has been on air for over 12,000 hours, and believe it or not, he has even more to say and do. Come with him as he breaks more rules and goes to places broadcasters have never gone before, and gives creative people a chance to showcase themselves. The future of media is coming and you can be a part of it. Gareth lists his greatest achievements as bringing peace to the Middle-East and denying Kim Jong Un a visa to his house. Gareth wants a gilt monstrance for Christmas. Look it up.



Mabale Moloi

Minister Without Portfolio

Mabale was happily minding her own business doing her Honours degree in Medical Microbiology when she called into Gareth Cliff’s show which would change her fate forever. She joined Gareth and soon came to accept just how well she fits in with her new dysfunctional family. Changing her career path was never something her father fully accepted, but luckily Mabale has proven to be an intelligent, resourceful young woman who has expanded her broadcasting experience to television as a news anchor on eNCA and TV presenter for Tech Report. She’s interviewed the likes of Will Smith, which her father was less impressed by than her interview with Moeletsi Mbeki (brother of Thabo Mbeki) “my dad is more of a Clint Eastwood fan” Mabale explains.



Ben Karpinski

Professional ‘guy’

In an attempt to add an additional ‘guy’ element to the CliffCentral morning show, Ben Karpinski was drafted in. Ben has a large head filled with things guys find interesting, so much so that he even has his own dedicated blog for this – thebounce.co.za. Outside of the CliffCentral morning show, Ben is an enthusiastic beer drinker, wannabee professional golfer, under-rated chef, animal lover and Mr Gary Player’s 2nd biggest fan (after Gary’s son Wayne). Every sports team he supports is rubbish, so he watches a lot of Downton Abbey on the weekends. To date his biggest achievement in life is moving in with his girlfriend – she is very hot.




Siya Sangweni

CliffCentral Correspondent

Siya Sangweni is actually surprised to have not received a restraining order after being beyond persistent to join the team that epitomised his early mornings for the past seven years. As a young child he was taught to talk and walk yet the rest of his life was filled with his parents telling him to “Shut up and sit down!” so he’s glad to be in an environment that liberates him to get unhinged and speak his mind. Siya is vegetarian, loves peanut butter yet hates peanuts and secretly believes Oprah’s his real mother, but he’s also found solace in the dysfunctional family that is CliffCentral!



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