Brent and Kerri interview Penguin-published author and international speaker, Chris Page, who has launched a tribute to Nelson Mandela photo competition – that ends on Mandela Day, 18 July – with Zelda La Grange and Derek Watts as principal judges. They also speak to Joy Ruwodo, Marketing Manager of HospiceWits… plus the usual catch-up with the CEO Sympathy SleepOut.


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Top 5 Good News Stories

1) Street Sleeper… from billboards to sleeping bags
2) South African, Cayle Royce has made history in the first all-amputee team to row 5 000 kilometres across the Atlantic – and had a Skype congratulations call from Prince Harry
3) Teen took his terminally ill mom to prom and she looked beautiful
4) 280 South African firefighters fly to Canada to help fight back the severe wildfires
5) A South African has created a little blue box that might help save thousands of homes


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The Good Stuff – Nelson Mandela Photo Competition