Brent Lindeque and Kerri Stein kick off the show with their regular catch up, reporting on all the news that really matters while focusing on the top 5 trending good news stories in the world. They then interview George Scola, an incredible South African who started the non-government funded Stroke Survivors Organisation, and a Lead SA youth hero, Franck Leya, who is part of a group of friends who go to inner city/rural schools to do motivational talks and upliftment programmes. Paige and Kirst end the show with an awesome idea to make a difference by changing just one thing… this week it’s all about Impilo Village.


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Top 5 Good News Stories:

1) Two-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Who Was Left To Die Makes Stunning Recovery 

2) After she was diagnosed with cancer, her classmates came to the rescue

3) Hospital Lets Pets Visit Their Sick Humans To Make Them Feel Better

4) A Group Of Kids Form A Human Arrow To Help Police Track Suspects On The Run

5) Eleven-Year-Old’s Lemonade Recipe That Saves The Bees Turns Into Million Dollar Business 





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