Brent goes live all the way from New York City, while Kerri holds the fort in SA at the studio, together with our Modern Day Elves from The Santa Shoebox Project. We also touch base with the ladies from Huddle Up and find out what incredible things they are doing to change lives for good. And we are Proudly South African in our Top 5 Stories… flying our flag high!


Santa Shoebox


Top 5 Good News Stories:

1. It takes a village: South African Supermom is going viral for breastfeeding her helper’s baby

2. Must Watch: A video is going viral of a Cape Town man taking his family’s helper for her very first driving lesson

3. A post is going viral for encouraging black South Africans to ask their burning questions!

4. Inspirational People: Meet South Africa’s youngest black female cardiologist

5. A farmer is donating free vegetables to a soup kitchen, to help those in need


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