Brent and Kerri interview an incredible South African who gives walking art tours of Johannesburg. They also catch up with the CEO Sympathy SleepOut for an update to see who’s signed up already – plus this week they’re joined by beneficiary partner, the Steve Biko Foundation. And look out for blanket collections in the cold weather!


160614 the good stuff


Top 5 Good News Stories:

1. Canada backing South African firefighters as they learn that they are only receiving $50 out of the $170 paid per day
2. South African man donates R50 million to revitalise education at Stellenbosch University
3. Little boy sneaks into neighbour’s garage to hug their dog… the footage is adorable!
4. General Hlaudi disappears in the middle of a cringeworthy disaster interview
5. Life after dogfighting… broken pups, that have been through hell, somehow still know how to love


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The Good Stuff – Walking Art Tours, Sympathy SleepOut & Steve Biko Foundation