Together with co-host Robby Kojetin a.k.a. “The Bucket List Guy”, Brent puts the charity focus on Miss Earth Projects, he also has some advice for reusing your litter. Then the man who was at the base of Mount Everest when the earthquake hit Nepal, Gareth Pickering, talks about this experience that changed his life and why he decided to stay in Nepal for a while and help rebuild, leading to the creation of his organisation – ‘Nepal 425’.


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Inspiration of the Week:
Gareth Pickering –

Charity of the Week:
Miss Earth Projects –

Top 5 Good News Stories:
1. SA student sets world record as she summits Mount Kili in a wheelchair… Read More
2. Dozens of Lions are Returning After Years in Overseas Circuses… Read More
3. Bob Geldof, JK Rowling, Mary Portas, Stan Collymore & others join calls for Europe to welcome those seeking sanctuary from the refugee crisis… Read More
4. Kylie Jenner using her Instagram for good! #IamMoreThan Read More
5. Jacques Roelofse offered to buy a homeless man a meal last week & post has gone viral! Read More



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The Good Stuff 08.09.15