Brent and co-host Nikki Abbott chat to bloggers Dimi Ingle (style scoop) and Ruan Liebenberg (comedian) about what they do and how they use their platforms to do good and give back. Then the co-founders of ‘Think Code’, Camille Agon and Arlene Mulder pop in, their institution uses technology to teach anybody with the right aptitude to become a coder.




Charity of the Week:
Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Top 5 Good News Stories:
1. A man with less than most was spotted making a huge difference, doing what others don’t… Read More
2. Fearless homeless man ‘a hero’ for saving drowning man… Read More
3. The U.S. and China just made a huge agreement to save the elephants from out-of-control poaching… Read More
4. Lava Mae… a San Francisco non-profit delivering dignity one shower at a time to the homeless… Read More
5. Tanzanian takes on Kilimanjaro & a world record attempt! #TheClimbAfrica… Read More


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The Good Stuff 29.09.15