Brent and Kerri speak to Tracey from Dogtown SA – a pro-life animal rehabilitation centre, specialising in so-called “problem” dogs. They also catch up with the CEO Sympathy SleepOut and chat to Charles Luyckx, CEO of Elliot Mobility. The show ends off with an awesome idea to make a difference by changing just one thing… this week it’s all about Youth Day.




Top 5 Good News Stories:

1) Incredible African leadership from Tanzania that we can all learn from
2) Hope’s road to recovery… a year later and signs of a new horn appear
3) Meet the 10 Refugees who will compete in the Olympics
4) Acting National Police Commissioner stops robbery while shopping with his wife
5) A man has helped a fellow South African with a random act of kindness that will blow your mind and inspire you completely


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The Good Stuff – Dogtown SA