Brent and Kerri chat to some of the incredible athletes who ran from Cape Town to Johannesburg to raise awareness around spinal cord injuries… plus Kelly McGillivray from ‘Night of 1000 Drawings’ pops in to talk about her amazing annual event that uses art to raise money and awareness. There’s also a catch up with the CEO Sympathy Sleepout to see who’s signed up already.


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Top 5 Good News Stories:

1) South African sportsman donates half a million to neonatal
2) Photo goes viral of an engineering graduate begging at an intersection. South Africa responds by offering her hundreds interviews
3) First missing Nigerian girl abducted by Boko Haram found
4) Northwold Spar turns this 78-year-old man’s life around!
5) Must Watch: Florence and the Machine give personal concert to teen with Cancer


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The Good Stuff – Spinal Cord Injury Awareness