For many of us, our schooling careers included going to university once completing high school. But, as online learning becomes one of the fastest growing industries, the modern world is quickly moving away from traditional universities.

Many of these traditional universities are like Goliaths: not changing enough for the new world of work. Is there a future for traditional universities? Do we still need universities at all? And if so, how do they need to change to remain relevant?

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Is there a future for traditional universities?


Is there a future for traditional universities?


  • Hermien Viljoen

    In my last two years of obtaining my undergraduate degree I stopped going to class, only checking in weekly to see if I was on track and only attending actual practicals. Sitting in a lecture room listening to a lecturer is no more advantageous than reading that same chapter in a textbook. To be honest, I probably would not have been able to afford those last years if I didn’t stay at home to study. Time for change…

  • Arlene Chetty

    Yes, definitely, critical thinking/skills for e.g.medicine,engineering and so forth.These Institutions do and will play a vital role now and in the future.
    However, with the various Learning alternatives that are available and convenient, e.g. online and distant Learning,does certainly have advantages.These options have made most Traditional Universities transform,adopt and modify their Methodologies on how to accommodate those whom are interested in achieving a Tertiary Education concluding online and distant Learning,so considering that,chances are that they are unlikely to become obsolete or irrelevant.Universities do however face many challenges and that’s inheriting substandard Secondary levels of Learners which mostly are of The Quota System.Diversity in different methods of Learning can create Great Opportunities and cater for the needs of all through both Traditional or non Traditional Education.
    Thank you.

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