Drones are not only being used by aviation geeks, the military and industry… they’re also used to spy on neighbours, cheating partners, and stalking exes. What are the legal limitations on drones? In studio and discussing the law with Garry is guest attorney/pilot Emile Myburgh. This is a further show in a series in which we collaborate with LegalTalk SA.



Laws of Life – Drone Stalking: Are You Being Spied On?


  • ed

    Sadly for a Lawyer he does not seem to have read let alone understand The RPAS Drones law, Part 101 in the answers he gave “there is no reason why a security company can not train their guys to be drone pilots and use them,….” etc etc

    Ref their example of flying the drone in your yard. The debate is laughable and should not even be a debate, its illegal.

    CAA Part 101 Law is clear
    ” Do not fly/operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft, or toy aircraft 50 m or closer from:
    Any person or group of persons (like sports field, road races, schools, social events, etc.)
    Any property without permission from the property owner.”

    So unless your neighbor gave you written permission its illegal, but there is a 98% chance its illegal anyhow due to the other 101 rules

    Further than that you may also not fly any drone within 10km of an airport or helipad. Remember every hospital has a helipad as well

    Have a look at the maps with the 10km zones drawn in here https://www.purpleturtle.co.za/articles/where-can-i-flyw-my-drone-rpas-legally-south-africa

    (ref http://www.caa.co.za/Pages/RPAS/Remotely%20Piloted%20Aircraft%20Systems.aspx)
    FULL 101 law here http://caa.mylexisnexis.co.za/ Under regulations->Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011
    I now see why the show has its legal disclaimers before lol

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