LegalWise is turning 30 this month! Chris Faulkner from LegalWise and his team join the Laws of Life team to tell us about this milestone. Today’s show focuses on reconciliation and forgiveness as an alternative to traditional punishment. It’s about the restorative justice process. It promotes healing and restitution, forgiveness and tolerance. Mike Batley from the Restorative Justice Centre and Conrad Kotze, a mediator tell us how this works.

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Laws of Life

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Garry Hertzberg


Award-winning presenter and attorney Garry Hertzberg brings you a legal show presented in an entirely fresh format.  It’s ‘Reality Law’ as Garry interviews people who have lived through or experienced something incredible. At the same time their stories highlight how the legal implications can be used to serve you…

Guests share intimate and often harrowing experiences while being interviewed and human tragedy and triumph are addressed. The format is exciting and energetic and the practical aspects of law are relayed with reference to real life situations.

Garry Hertzberg is a practicing attorney and popular broadcasting personality. He is the winner of the MTN Radio Awards 2014’s ‘Best Daytime Show’. Garry has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the legal field and as a business man, and is also a recognised speaker at conferences and seminars on legal topics. He has also presided as a Commissioner for the Small Claims Court Sandton/Randburg.


The Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg



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Laws of Life


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  • Karina De Robillard

    Is a parenting plan a contract or an agreement? what is the legal difference? How is a parenting plan enforced when the father doesn’t want to see the child, but has the legal rights? at what point are the father’s rights recognized or acknowledged by the court? on birth certificate? on application for rights? on signing a parenting plan? or when plan is made an order of the court?