Mbali Njomane & Tuliza Sindi




Domestic workers and cleaners occupy a unique position in a society. They are simultaneously the most ubiquitous and invisible among us. They are ever-present in our personal, professional and public spaces but often go largely undetected.

These women have the potential to be the most powerful and astute social commentators as they hold a mirror to ourselves, to our children, and to our fellow citizens.

Be a fly on the wall as we gain their unique perspectives on an interesting range of matters that characterise South African society.

Mbali Njomane is a curious blend of law school dropout, social entrepreneur, and writer. She’s fascinated by the idiosyncrasies of human life. She likes lime green sweets and idombolo. She’s suspicious of neo-feminists. Frankly, she thinks anything ‘neo’ is a bit of a sham. She can’t not say what she thinks. Civility is a mass delusion; humans can’t be serious; a Neanderthal by any other name still shits where he eats. See, there she goes again.

Tuliza Sindi is a Masters Graduate of Architecture, currently in both practice and academia. Her interests lie in the balance between speculating and realising those speculations through the generation and regeneration of past, present and future identities. She is on a mission to understand the narratives that produce current psychological and social conditions through our thoughts and resultant artefacts. She recently opened her speculative-based architecture and design firm EXTRA-; conceived around the idea of exploring and being society’s afterthought.