Markets are heavy again this week… we’ll just blame Donald Trump! Trade wars continue as he imposes more tariffs on imported goods.

It was a week of unbundling as Torre announced their delisting from Stellar and Tsogo Sun gave details of the separate listing of their properties. Barclays Group Africa is now trading as absa after Wednesday’s relaunch. Tekkie Town has turned into a story of corporate espionage, and more stories emerge of Steinhoff’s underhanded moves to enrich management.

Nedbank will facilitate the payment of VBS depositors’ monies, Xiaomi shares tumble on IPO, and Tencent is going through a slew of downgrades.

Do you still watch cable TV? If so, you’re a dying breed. Last year, half of Americans aged 22–45 watched ZERO hours of cable TV. But we’re still not sure Netflix is the future of TV.


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Do you still watch cable TV?