Global markets are hitting all-time highs, the Dow Jones breached the 25,000 level for the first time this week, and oil is at a three-year high. It was a messy week on the JSE but we still managed a positive close; the JSE closed above the 60,000 level this week (it hit 61,000 in November and retraced since – thank you Naspers). The drama was in Aspen which was down 10% on Tuesday alone; Resilient, Rockcastle/Nepi and other property stocks got severely beaten down – all because of speculation on the next Viceroy report target. JP Morgan released results, and they have a R1.7bn loss related to one levered derivatives position (word on the street is it’s a Steinhoff position). There is still value in our market – find out Anthea’s top three stock picks on the JSE and why she’s chosen them.


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Highs & Lows + Anthea’s Top 3 stock picks