The Phootball hooligans do a review of the big clashes in the EPL between Arsenal, Leicester, Tottenham and Manchester City. They also discuss the return of the Champions League and the contenders for this year’s crown, before looking at the leading candidates in the run up to the FIFA Presidential election next Friday.


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The Phootball Show – The Return Of The Champions League

Wednesdays 12:00 – 13:00

Durag Jesus, Theo Moyo, Eleph Gula-Ndebele & João Matthews


It’s about the philosophy of football… the show that’s rebellious, anti-establishment, unapologetic, uncivilised, and unashamedly partisan – the way sports reporting should be. A football show from the perspective of the guy who matters the most – the fan.

Bold and primitive, it still delivers high-quality, insightful analysis; hard-hitting commentary and in-depth reviews of matches, events and scores of the week gone by.

None of the presenters are experts – they’re just fans who’ve been brought together by a tribal desire for sports banter and a shared passion for football.

Introducing the in-house gurus:

The self-proclaimed, world-renowned repository of all things football, the custodian of all knowledge Manchester United, the unapologetically politically incorrect: Durag Jesus

The indefatigable, Supremely Untalented, incomparable ear-drum assaulter, the first African to use the term Trequartista in a normal sentence: Theo Moyo

The tragically humourless, spectacularly boring serial Arsenalist and all round philistine: Eleph Gula-Ndebele

The catfish human, miserable Arsenal fan and the first football hipster from Southern Africa: João Matthews


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The Phootball Show