Ahh yes, the spirit is in the air for the Christmas season of 2017. It has been a long year and this final show of 2017 brings light to that fact. Mark Bland is joined by Jason Kull and Andy Echele to discuss the big things that they as a country had to deal with in Trump’s MERICA this year.

First up the guys discuss Doug Jones beating out Republican Roy Moore, which was easily the biggest political race of the entire year. Trump had put his name behind a few different people and they all lost. What does this mean for the 2018 elections and how will this affect the way the Republican party is viewed?

Finally the guys discuss Christmas traditions within their homes, and a few movies from the Christmas season. This leads into the discuss regarding the biggest issue of the year that was overturned by the FCC. The guys jump in and discuss all the good and potentially bad things about net neutrality. Did the guys agree with the FCC or are they against it?


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The Q – Christmas in Merica