This might be the best discussion on the Q in many years. Brandon Travis returns from a less than stellar absence and he jumps right into the fray. First up, Trump paid out thousands to a pornstar to keep quiet about a supposed act of misconduct. Unfortunately for “Swing and a Miss Don”, he missed again and she didn’t keep her silence. But is Donald completely in the wrong on this? Listen and find out what was said! Also, all this sexual misconduct talk is hard to ignore when your state’s horrible Governor is running around and blackmailing people to keep them quiet. Then he has gone AWOL technically and no one knows where to find him. Is it real, or not. The guys discuss before getting into the nitty gritty… Brandon finally opens up about his past 7-10 months and the things that have been going on in his life. Gun fights, knife fights, drugs and the world of rehab all await on some of the most compelling audio The Q has ever released!



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The Q – The Murderers Row