Mark Bland is joined by Producer Bobby and Gary Weed to discuss the upcoming 2018 midterms and voting in general.

First up, Gary and Mark made a bet for the World Series and Mark ended up winning the bet. Discussion of the World series takes us down a sports path once again, discussing the value of players within their respective sports. Who was the best baseball pitcher of all time? Is it Greg Maddux or Rollie Fingers? Also, who stands out in other sports? Hockey, football and all of them. The guys discuss this at length.

Then the gears get switched and it’s onto the newest and dumbest thing that Trump could ever have proposed. He wants to use an executive order to remove and override the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This definitely caught him some hell for even throwing it out there as a potential. All this comes on the backs of the migrant caravan making its way up from Central America with estimates of 10,000+ people looking for asylum. The guys discuss aspects of this decision and the long term repercussions that could form from this Trump decision.

The discussion then turns to video games on the release of the new Playstation Classic, but does it have the games people want or deserve? Everyone plays referee discussing what is on the machine and what is not. This leads to a convo about playing video games in 2018 on mobile devices and if you ever spend money on the games for yourself. Mark defends his spending money on a couple of mobile games with the most basic of arguments… “I would have done it anyway.” Listen as Mark explains and you see if he makes sense or not.


2018 midterms


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The Q – 2018 Midterm Elections