We set up the round table again and we brought back Producer Bobby to hang out. But with him came friend of the show, Alex Elias from AE Consulting Solutions, as well as Jonathan May to sit down and discuss everything going on.

First up Mark has a conundrum to figure out. Is he crazy or is he being logical? Mark and his wife have a broken dryer and the need to wash and dry clothes weekly. Mark discusses bringing up the need to go to a laundromat which his wife is not keen on. So Mark explains his theories to the crew and then asks, “am I crazy”? Well is he? Listen and find out the verdict.

Also, Bobby brings up something that he saw at LaGuardia airport in NY. A sectioned off desk and piece of ground designed for Free Speech. It’s a Free Speech zone. Bobby was amazed and this makes Mark think of pop-up Rage rooms that he has seen online. This gets Alex going and excited about a new business venture. But what about that Free Speech zone… can you say “bomb” in it? What would happen? The gentlemen discuss.

Finally Mark brings up a new game he wants to play called Top 5. You name off the Top 5 of yours without telling anyone the topic… then the people are supposed to guess what your list refers to. An amazing idea that just falls apart, but could be brought back in a more permanent way down the road.


AE Consulting Solutions


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The Q – Am I Crazy?