People talking into a microphone having a good time. That’s what The Q likes to strive for. Well we have a doozy of a show for you. Anthony Rogers brings his unique style of comedy to the show with Mark and Jonathan May.

First up, Jonathan is having a hell of a time on social media because he feels Bill Cosby got what he deserved. But that doesn’t stop people from being contrarians. Jonathan is getting lit up on Facebook so Anthony decides to add his two cents to the issue and bestows a very touchy position to the newly guilty comedy legend.

Next is the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and issue. Seems that Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She will explain the allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh to the Senators and they will either vote to confirm him or they will waive him. The guys throw around their thoughts on how this should fall out.

Finally a shooting in Texas between neighbours caught the attention of Mark and they discuss if it was a legit ‘stand your ground’ argument or not. Was the guy with the gun in the right, or was it the victim in the orange shirt that was irate and escalated himself until he made a move that cost him his life?


Anthony Rogers


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