Donald Trump decided to do an interview with 60 minutes and Leslie Stahl. During said interview, Trump explained that it didn’t matter if Christine Ford was telling the truth or not, because they got their man in regardless. So he could be a sexual predator on the Supreme Court but he doesn’t care if he is. The important thing is that they got it done by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

So on this episode, Andy Echele returns with his conservative leaning thoughts to join Mark, Gary Weed and Jason Kull for a round table. On this RT we will discuss the Brett Kavanaugh situation and Trump’s stance on it. Plus we start off with a little Fantasy Football discussion and Gary sticks it in everyone’s face with his record.

Next up, Elizabeth Warren comes out with her heritage and it seems she’s only 1/1024th Native American. That seems quite low so Mark takes it to the round table to find out if Trump owes her the $1 million in Charity donations he promised her if she could prove it. It definitely shows there is Native American heritage, but the common belief would be “not enough to justify”… find out what the panel says.

Finally, Missouri is up for potential legalisation of medical marijuana. There are three choices on the ballot and the guys break down the three and help you figure out which one you want to vote for. And the Rock ’n Roll HOF released its latest list of nominees for entry into the Hall, but who’s worthy of the vote? We discuss and set the list for The Q.


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The Q – By Any Means Necessary