Tony Cabral makes his triumphant return to The Q after a bit of a hiatus. Living in Chicago doesn’t afford him the opportunity to be on the greatest show ever… but we make do.

First up, Mark is dealing with a ton of censoring from the social media lately because of his show regarding black and white culture and the movie Black Panther. He has weened it down to specific people trying to censor him directly, because they are quite angry about the message getting out which doesn’t play to these people’s narratives. Mark and Tony discuss what happened and why it seems over the top.

They also discuss the ability to “swat” people who you are mad at from far away and how this is becoming a very dangerous trend in the USA. This leads into a discussion about allegiance to the USA and allegiance to Trump. Where is the allegiance to our country and not your political party?



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The Q – Censored