Midterms are over. So where do Mark Bland, Jason Kull and Gary Weed sit on the important races and changes happening?

First up, did the BLUE WAVE happen the way it was touted? Not quite. Mark and the guys break down the important races and where the USA goes from here. This leads to a unique convo about the next election in 2020. Who will be the front runners on both sides of the business walking into that election? Hear who the team thinks will make the cut and decide if you agree.

Mark also brings up a unique factor that he wants thought about. What if an unknown, but real person, was written in to be the President of the United States. Do we just say “the rules say he wins if he gets the electoral college”… or would they say “we don’t know this person, bring it to litigation!” Find out how everyone feels about that scenario.

Finally a rant about parking and making mistakes leads to a discussion about the Rock Hall of Fame and our picks from a few weeks ago. Who’s in the running so far, and how close were we on the fan poll?




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The Q – Da Blue Wave