Comedian Brian McDowell comes on The Q to discuss a “verbal tussle” him and host Mark Bland had regarding the position of success and how it should be viewed from his point of view. Brian disagrees with Mark, so Mark invited him on to discuss which comics are truly famous and which ones are D and C list celebs at best.

Along for this wonderful ride are Jason Kull and Gary Weed. Mark and Gary have been going back and forth about Harold Baines making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame and it lines up perfectly because this show is about VALUE and MERIT. Either you have both and are viewed at the proper level… OR you have one or the other and are viewed on a lesser scale. But it seems people within their own professions view success of others at a heightened level and sometimes you gotta step outside of your business to see it the way others do. But is Mark right or is Brian right? Most comics are gonna agree with Brian because of his position as a stand up comic… but it’s never those within your industry that give you the value you require. It’s the CROWD and FANS. They are what give you merit.

Also on the show the guys discuss Michael Cohen, the lawyer for Donald Trump who admitted guilt and is now going to prison for 3 years. You would think that would be the eye opening everyone needed to figure out Trump is dirty, but NOPE! Some people are still holding tight and coming up with every excuse they can so they don’t get egg on their face. Conservatives are dollar sure and too deep now to allow anything to make their choice look bad. But there is more coming down the pipeline and everyone chimes in about what makes Cohen that big of a deal.

Finally Mark, Gary, Jason do the hotseat with Brian. What will he be asked… and what does he quietly judge people on? It could be anything and it could gain you a fan in Brian or get you thrown away quickly. Find out on this new Q!


Brian McDowell


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The Q – Brian McDowell