To be President of the USA, it requires a certain amount of decorum. That decorum includes how you handle yourself in the eyes of others and the world. Donald Trump fails at this daily, and it took an ugly turn this past week when he decided to threaten to investigate and attack Google… GOOGLE… because it returned less than favourable reviews of him in its search.

Gary Weed flies solo this week while discussing with Mark about the Google issue. Mark breaks down the value and how this looks to everyone. What we have here people is a sensitive little man who really wants to control people’s opinions. What he fails to remember is that guys like this have existed throughout history and the USA always looks down on those types of people.

Gary also rounds back and verifies that Mark’s laundry issue and decision was not crazy in the least – further vilifying Jonathan May and Alex Elias from the week earlier.

Finally… Mark asks, “What’s the weirdest home rule someone has for when you visit their house?” Gary hits Mark with an example he never saw coming, and it is real weird! Take a listen and find out what the rule is.




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The Q – Google Me