Huge show this week. First up is Mark Bland and Gary Weed discussing their life and a question that Gary brings to the table regarding his Facebook and how no one can have an opinion anymore without being mercilessly attacked. Mark answers the question and even puts a timeline on how it went down in history.

Then the convo moves to the business and ‘religion’ of Scientology. What is Scientology? What should you know about it? And how does Scientology and their ‘policies’ fall in line with the way Donald Trump is handling the people and media of the United States? It seems to Mark that Trump supporters have this vibe of being in a cult. The way Trump handles things reminds Mark of how a cult leader handles their followers… and that’s what Trump wants… he wants followers, not fans.

This leads into our guest Jay Kanzler. Jay is a lawyer in the St. Louis area for the past 30 years and he sits down with Mark to discuss the legalities of things surrounding Trump. What is illegal, what’s not illegal and what should be focused on as opposed to what’s worthless to worry about. Jay and Mark break down the Michael Cohen stuff and take some swings at where the country is at and things that could happen. This is one hot interview and worth every minute of listening!




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The Q – Jay Kanzler