On this show, Producer Bobby returns and with him he brings a cavalcade of guests to the table. First up is his co-host Jared, for a new sports show he is promoting called Sports Central! The two stop in to discuss some sports and chime in on news of the day. But today’s show is brimming with talent because Ali Jones of the St. Lunatics, legendary hip hop group, joins for a second week in a row to discuss the news of the day.

First up, George HW Bush, former President of the United States passed away this week at 94 years of age. The former military veteran and head of the FBI became Ronald Reagan’s running mate in 1980 when they were able to bring the Republican party back to prominence. From 1980 to 1992, Bush Sr worked on Capitol Hill as both Vice President and then becoming President himself in 1988.

The funeral was a litany of guests from all decades and political backgrounds. But that wasn’t what was weird. It got weird when the current President of the US, Mr Trump, showed up with the First Lady to pay their respects, but it was a cold reception they got from the remaining living former Presidents… and definitely no love lost between himself and the Clintons.

Next, Mark is curious about some of the coolest places Ali has been to as an artist. Ali then breaks down a few of his favorite places and lands on Dubai. This brings up the question of “Why can’t the United States build infrastructure similar to Dubai and other locations that advance culture and living?” Which brings Bobby to producing the picture of him eating the 24k gold wings in New York. Find out what everyone thinks of this.

Finally, Ali was not put into the Hot Seat the last time he was on, so Mark decides to put him, and Jared (sorta), into the Hot Seat and ask some pointed questions.


Producer Bobby


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