Mark Bland and Jonathan May saddle up for an amazing ride and one hell of a show.

First up, Mark has had Jonathan on the show many times but never had a chance to really get to know him a little better. So Mark takes it upon himself for an impromptu interview of J-dog, finding out about his family and upbringing.

Next Michael Cohen decided to release the Trump Tapes to CNN and the entire world is ablaze with the revelation that Trump tried paying off MORE THAN ONE woman to have sex with him. As damning as liberals want this to be, it’s not illegal for Trump to be a horrible husband (3 times now). Honestly it’s quite pathetic to know that either his hot wives are such bores that he has to find other women… OR… Trump is such a crappy person that he can’t tell anyone including his own wives the truth either.

Mark then gets into a discussion about the history of Presidents that were assassinated and what you can learn from watching those situations go down. Right now, Trump is nailing all the things that historically led down this crazy path to a certain ending. Nobody on The Q or around the world is wishing for it, but could it happen today? The guys discuss.

Plus a little on the new Sacha Baron Cohen TV show and George Washington, and probably how his life as President went.




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The Q – Learning from History