It’s been a unique week in the world of Trump and politics. This week the people within the Trump presidency are all fluttered up with whirlwind news coming from former Chief of Strategy and Staff Steve Bannon. Bannon was interviewed for a book called ‘Fire and Fury, about the Trump Presidency and the first months of it in early 2017. Michael Wolff – the author – interviewed many people around the White House and they went on record with him discussing things they had thought and seen. Steve Bannon in particular explained that the fake news Russian meetings that were supposedly all BS, were actually very real. OUCH! But then he went a step further and explained that the discussions were all treasonous – out of control. Mark and Jason Kull discuss this entire situation, all the players and how we should view this information as logical independent voters and thinkers in 2018.



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The Q – Liars